About Me

I am simply a minister of the gospel.   My lifelong goal is to be focused on Christ and sound in His Word.

God has blessed me with a one-of-a-kind wife (Julie).  She is such an incredible encouragement and spiritual boost for me.  We have four children. We live and work with the Bear Valley church of Christ in Denver, Colorado where I am currently the youth and family minister.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I presume that you are most likely the son of Denny and Kathryn (student at Harding when we, my wife Diann and I, Craig Brussow) were there between 1977 and 1981. We graduated at the August, 1980 commencement and our daughter’s birthday headed to ACU and back to CA. Denny and my brother Randy were great friends…having met a Bear Valley. Denny was one of the only members of the church that gave Randy in recognition after his divorce. One of my last conversations with Randy, Denny’s name was mentioned…I guess that he had been in the Yorba Linda Church in California. I am not sure of the date, but Christmas morning, 1995, hospitalized with multiple pulominary embolisms, Randy quickly passed. If Denny is perhaps your uncle, or no relation, Randy was a graduate of Bear Valley in
    the days of Boyett, Gipson, Wilcox and the Laniers, Sr. and Jr. Please tell Denny that I will always remember his kindness to a brother in Christ, when many of members of his own congregation were less than spiritually kind to Randy…Thank you for your time. Craig Brussow

  2. I was reading your article on giving which was, as usually, very good. Please allow me to offer the following for your consideration on the topic of giving – animal sacrifices. First, I would also like to point out how happy I am that we no longer are required to offer animal sacrifices that are described in Leviticus. Second, to make this offering today I would need go to a farming area and negotiate with a livestock producer. This would not be just any livestock but the best. The cost would be several hundred dollars even in excess of a thousand dollars. Then arrangements would be required to be made to ship (including shipping cost) this animal to Temple. After the animal has arrived, then I personally would be required take it to altar. This is something that I have not ever had to do personally but have seen people move cattle. It is not easy getting an animal that weights about a ton to go where it does not want to go. And then I have to kill it and assist the priest with butchering it.

    During the weekly memorial, I am primarily grateful that Jesus made it possible to have sins forgiven by his death and resurrection. Secondary I am also so happy that animal scarifies are no longer required. Should not we also consider that elimination of animal sacrifices saves us a considerable expense? Should we not also consider this when we make our contribution? I believe that these points are often overlooked.

    If you are wondering who this crazy person is that is writing from Alabama, I worshiped at the Church there at Bear Valley. I was able to return to my home in September after completing a 12 month contract assignment at the Denver Tech Center. During my stay, I do not remember ever meeting you personally. This was my fault not yours.

    By the way the Church at Hoover, AL has several contacts with the one at Bear Valley. Neal has at least two himself.

    I pray that you will be able to continue your good work with the Church,

    Jimmy Pigg

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