A Must-Have Tool for Every Christian

“Automaker Henry Ford asked electrical genius Charlie Steinmetz to build the generators for his factory. One day the generators ground to a halt
 and the repairmen couldn’t find the problem.  So, Ford called Steinmetz,
 who tinkered with the machines for a few hours and then threw the 
switch.  The generators whirred to life.  Later,  Ford…


The Horrendous Stench

Welcome to my newly purchased home.  It’s complete with all of the sights and smells of a home that was thoroughly neglected, rejected, and infested.  The first step into our home welcomes you with a whiff of nauseating stench.  Evidently, the previous homeowner allowed her pets to excrete themselves throughout the house until it became…

CT ct-ent-genghis-preview06.jpg

Greatest Conqueror of All Time

There have been some dominate conqueror in history.  The territory they conquered was staggering.  Check out this list of the 10 men who conquered the most square miles during their reign. 1. Genghis Khan (1162-1227) – 4,860,000. 2. Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) – 2,180,000. 3. Tamerlane (1336-1405) – 2,145,000. 4. Cyrus the Great (600-529 B.C.)…


It’s Raining What?

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “It’s raining cats and dogs,” but what about “it’s raining fish and frogs”?  Apparently there have been several occasions when fish and frogs have actually rained down from the sky (Weather Bug).  Fish and frogs haven’t been the only odd things to fall out of the sky. …


Billboard: “Marijuana is Safer than Drinking”

Yesterday marked the beginning of the NFL season between my beloved Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.  Interestingly, just a few days earlier a billboard appeared in Denver, plastered in Broncos colors, saying, “Stop driving players to drink!  A safer choice is now legal (Here)” (Emphasis on original).  The “safer” choice being promoted here is…


The Homing Pigeon

Most of us have gotten lost before.  Maybe we took a wrong turn or tried to navigate through an unfamiliar place.  Until the GPS was invented, getting lost was a pretty common occurrence.  The fact that we, the most intelligent beings on this earth, can get lost so easily makes one animal just that much…