God’s Power


It is something we cannot truly fathom,

Creating all people, beginning with Adam (Genesis 2).

He shaped and formed the world with His power,

Everything from huge galaxies to the little flower (Genesis 1).

He made nature so we could stand in awe.

His strength displayed without flaw (Jeremiah 32:27; Romans 1:20).

No one can dare to challenge His might.

Not even Satan will win the fight (Revelation 20:10).

Yet His power is often intertwined with love,

Seen most in the sending of His Son from above (John 3:16).

God’s power can save us from our sin,

If we would but give our lives over to Him (Luke 9:23-24).

So let us fear God and keep His laws (Ecclesiastes 12:13),

And His power will deliver us from hell’s jaws (Revelation 20:15).

Therefore, let us fear God and turn away from wrong (Proverbs 3:7),

So that God can take us home, where we belong (Revelation 21).

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