The Little Puff Of Wind

The clouds above squeezed out a raindrop. Below this little droplet set a house at the peak of a mountain. This house wasn’t sitting on just any mountain though. It was sitting at the peak of a mountain on the Great Continental Divide. As all the other droplets hit the roof, they were sent to one side of the divide or the other. Some would fall off to one side of the divide and began heading to the Pacific Ocean. Other drops fell off the opposite side and headed for the Atlantic Ocean. The little water drop continued to fall and was just about to hit the peak of the roof.  It looked as if it was going to end up on the Atlantic side. Just then, a little puff of wind came. This gentle breath of air caused the little droplet to change directions, landing it on the Pacific side. At just the right moment, this little puff of wind changed the raindrop’s path. This small wind resulted in a massive change in direction.

We see people every day. Going about their normal lives. Doing the things they normally do. Sometimes we talk with them. Sometimes we joke with them. Maybe at times we even develop friendships with them. These people are currently heading towards one of two spiritual destinations (Matthew 25:34, 41). What we do with the people we meet can drastically change their eternal end.

With some people, it may take just a little puff of wind to change their direction. This could be a brief conversation about God. This could come by answering some simple questions about the Bible. This could come by handing out an article or other religious material. This could come through a simple invitation to a Bible study. This could even come through an invitation to worship.

The worst possible thing we can do is nothing. What we might view as a small or insignificant act could very well change someone’s eternal direction. As Christians, our job is simply to spread the seed (Matthew 13) and bring people to Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).  It may not happen right away, but that little “puff of wind” could result in a person finding eternal glory in heaven. There is nothing greater!

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