Tired of Politics?

I’m just going to say it…I am SICK AND TIRED of politics. My phone blows up daily with, what feels like, about 14,000 political texts about some amendment or candidate. In fact, as I’m sitting down to write this, I just received another text. I’ve received more calls from unknown numbers than ever before. Every other post on social media is a political ad or someone’s political rant. It’s on TV. It’s on the radio. It’s in random conversations on the street. It’s everywhere.

So, why in the world would I write an article to add to the political mix? Because I want to call for something different, for something that few seem to be talking about – a Christian response to the election tomorrow.

Bear Valley has challenged our members to join in on a day of prayer and fasting tomorrow from 7 AM to 7 PM. During this time, we’re asking for people to replace food with prayer. Prayers of trust in God as our ultimate Ruler, King, and President. Prayers that the next leaders will make decisions that allow us to simply live the Christian life (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Prayers expressing concerns. Prayers seeking peace. And much more.

We would like to call upon all of you to join us, to whatever level you can. If you would like to see our full prayer list prompts every hour, CLICK HERE.

There is an extreme amount of emotion surrounding this election. The most vital thing we can do as Christians is to pray to the Lord and lean on Him. Will you join us?

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