The Debt


Albert Brigas is a good employee. He’s hardworking. He’s reliable. He’s been known to show up on days when he is sick. He’s shown himself to be a person of skill and determination. But at 69, this Vietnam veteran has been longing for retirement. He planned to work until he could pay off his mortgage and then he would hang up his mechanical tools. This goal was just a year away.

Brigas’ boss, Rudy Quinones, has known about this retirement plan for some time now. So, Quinones decided to do something special. He paid off the rest of Brigas’ mortgage. Doing so cost him nearly $5,000 and a valuable employee. Even though it wasn’t his debt to pay, Rudy Quinones showed great kindness and to be a man of character (MSN).

This story is not all that different from our own with God. We were enslaved to sin (Romans 6:17-18), carrying a mighty debt that was impossible for us to pay (Matthew 18:23-34). Even though we earned and deserved every bit of that debt (Romans 6:23), God graciously paid it for us (Colossians 2:13).

While our debt of sin has been paid, our thankfulness and dedication to God should now never end. Don’t forget that debt you owed and don’t forget who paid it.

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