The God of All Comfort

field of spring grass and sunset

We have all stood in those old worn down, depressing shoes,

After the world chose us to bruise and abuse.

We began looking for the source of comfort and relief,

But it’s often as hidden and evasive as a thief.

Many try to fill the void with fun, friends, and food,

But more emptiness is what they will conclude.

Some look for relief in alcohol, drugs, or sex,

But it causes more hurt than most everyone expects.

Some go looking for comfort in money, riches, and fame.

They are but futile joys that are quickly snuffed out like a flame.

Whether it is through misfortune, betrayal, or even death.

All of these people and things are as temporary as a breath.

No worldly “comforts” reach into eternity,

Which is why so many view this life with uncertainty.

However, don’t give up; there is still relief to be found.

Where true comfort, peace, and happiness abound.

True comfort and relief is only found in God.

He can rescue, heal, and soothe even the most flawed.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 calls Him “The God of all comfort” for a reason,

Because in Him relief is found in every moment, every day, and every season.

So, next time we are down, let’s draw close to the Lord.

Doing so will bring us one step closer to the eternally comforting reward.

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