The Unchanged In Times Of Great Change


There’s no getting around it. Yesterday was a hard day, a different day. It was the first Sunday of worship where a couple of seats, normally occupied, were now empty. It was the first Sunday where the singing, though still wonderful, sounded perhaps just a little different. It was the first Sunday we would not be looking for the man who occupied our pulpit the past 13 years. This is all because yesterday marked the first Sunday without Neal & Kathy Pollard. Change is occurring.

However, yesterday also marked the first Sunday where we were introduced to several new students and family entering into the school. It was the first Sunday where some normally empty pews were now filled with new, eager, vibrant, and smiling faces. It was the first Sunday where some new voices could be heard in the singing. Change is occurring.

There is no doubt that this is a time of tremendous change for our congregation. Change is challenging. Change is complicated. Change is testing. But change is also an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for growth. It’s an opportunity to make sure we aren’t resting on past successes. It’s also an opportunity to recognize what has not changed and what will not change. So, in times of great change like these, let’s keep in mind some of these unchanging areas.

  1. God Is Still Great (Psalm 145). His supreme greatness is unchanging. He still deserves our worship. He still deserves our admiration. He still deserves our dedication. We will always miss those we love. We will always have to do deal with changing times. But one thing that remains unchanged is that we still serve a magnificent God. No matter what changes we face, God is still our focus.
  2. God Is Still In Control. We may not know the specific future for our congregation, but the Lord certainly does. He will see to it that His kingdom is glorified and His will is carried out. We can trust that God is in full and total control (Ephesians 5:15-17; Proverbs 3:5-6). We are still in good hands.
  3. There Is Still Tremendous Work To Do. Souls in our area are still lost. People in our neighborhoods still need to know Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). Some in our congregation still need encouragement (Hebrews 3:13). Some still need support. Some still need a shoulder to cry on (Romans 12:15). Some still need meals, visits, and hugs (Matthew 25:34-40). Our own members still need to be taught God’s word. There’s no doubt, no matter what changes, we still must be busy carrying out the Lord’s work.

Life brings changes. However, we can rest assured that Who we serve and the work we do for Him has eternal meaning and value; no matter what other changes may lie ahead.

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