The Worlds Most Expensive Logos


Having an iconic logo is extremely important for a business. It’s not just a logo, it’s an investment. A logo needs to be unique and recognizable by everyone who sees it.  For example, we all know the big yellow “M” is for McDonald’s or that the little black swoosh mark is for Nike. We know an apple represents Mac products and the four colored squares represent Microsoft.  The interesting part is what some companies paid for their logos (Yahoo FinanceInkbot Design).

  • Microsoft – $0.  They created it within their corporation.
  • Google – $0.  Sergery Brin, the co-founder of Google, created it.
  • Twitter – $15.  This bird logo was purchased on iStockPhoto.
  • Nike – $35.  Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, purchased it from a graphic design student in 1971.
  • Enron – $33,000.  Paul Rand was paid to design the logo.
  • Pepsi – $1 Million.  The logo was redesigned in 2008 at this staggering price.
  • BBC – $1.8 Million.  In 1997, BBC went from slanted fonts and a bit of color to simple black and white letterboxes.  It only cost them a couple million.
  • Accenture – $100 Million.  This price included a total rebranding from “Arthur Anderson” to Accenture.  Some regard this as one of the worst, not to mention expensive, rebranding moves in history.
  • Symantec Brand & Acquisition – $1.28 Billion. Yes, with a “B.” This is the authentication company that certifies just about all trustworthy online shops or e-commerce websites. But still, $1.28 billion? That’s just crazy.

It is utterly ridiculous how much some companies have paid for their logos.  However, there is one symbol that was far more expensive and is recognizable by virtually everyone on earth – the cross.  The cost of this symbol was so extremely steep. It cost Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, His very life (John 3:16). The cross has become the symbol that represents the single greatest event in the history of mankind.

Beyond all this, it is the only event that is capable of bringing us salvation. The point of this event was so we, sinful as we are, could receive forgiveness (1 Peter 2:24; Acts 2:38). What happened on that cross allows all people on earth to have their sins forgiven if they will follow God’s commands (2 Peter 3:9; Mark 16:16; Acts 22:16).

Many of today’s major corporations have spotty histories, shady dealings, and support beliefs contrary to the Bible. The cross, however, is one symbol that we can, and should, fully support through our actions and our lives (Luke 9:23).

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