The Spider Living In A Man’s Ear


The Chinese man felt discomfort in his ear in the middle of the night but just tried to sleep it off. By morning, the discomfort was still there and he was even hearing noises like someone was beating a drum. Wisely, he went into the doctor right away. Doctor Cui Shulin and his nurses took a look and found a spider in his ear. Not only was the spider living, but it had already spun a complex series of webs in the ear canal to help shield itself. Thankfully, the doctor was able to extract the spider by spraying water into the man’s ear canal. The man suffered no injuries from the uninvited guest (Fox News).

Stories like these are how nightmares are born. For a person who squirms around spiders, this one sends chills down my spine like no other. I don’t ever want a spider on me. Having I spider IN me? I just hope the Lord comes back first.

We’ve all had smaller encounters with uninvited guests. A gnat in the eye. Swallowing a bug. And each time they are gross and troublesome. But none of these compare to one particular unwelcome visitor who has wiggled into all our lives: Satan.

No, Satan hasn’t literally camped out inside us, but the sinful effects of his work in this world certainly have. The more we let the webs of sin entangle our lives, the harder it becomes to escape (Hebrews 12:1). We have to work constantly to not even allow him a foothold (Ephesians 4:27).

The Chinese man had the right idea. He noticed the problem and immediately took steps to solve it. The quick solution is the same for us. Don’t let the sin spider continue to spin its webs in your life. Take care of it right away.

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