Are You The 9 Or The 1?


Sometimes we fall into the terrible habit of ungratefulness. We don’t usually mean to do it, but we do it all the same. We pray for help, but then we forget to praise Him after He has. We beg for wisdom, but then forget when He’s helped us with the solution. We cry out to the Lord when we suffer, but then forget Him after the discomfort has eased up. If your gratefulness to God were to be labeled right now, would you be seen as grateful or ungrateful?

In Luke 17, Jesus came upon 10 men with leprosy (vs. 12). They cried out to Christ, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” (vs. 13). Jesus tells them to go show themselves to the priest, and as they are going, they were healed (vs. 14). Even though all were healed, only one turned back and went to give thanks to Jesus (vs. 15-16). Only one showed his gratefulness.

So when we think about all the answered prayers, all the times God intervened in our lives, all the guidance He has provided, all the protection He’s given to our families, all blessings we have the privilege to enjoy, all the beauty He has surrounded us with, and the thousands of other ways He has helped us, have we shown Him our gratefulness?

Again we ask, if your gratefulness to God had to be labeled, which side would it fall? Would you fall with the 9 ungrateful lepers, or with the 1 grateful leper?

It’s not too late to praise the Lord for His great mercy, love, and kindness (Ephesians 2:4-10).

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