The Three-Star Fake


It was a top-secret mission straight from President Trump. The three-star general, Christian Desgroux, had a red helicopter en route to the SAS University’s soccer field in North Carolina.  The orders were for Desgroux to escort a woman to a classified meeting at a nearby military base. The helicopter arrived where Desgroux and the woman boarded.  After taking off though, things became a little unclear as to where they needed to go and soon they went back and landed on that same soccer field. Finding the entire situation odd, SAS security called the police who eventually arrested Desgroux.

As it turns out, Desgroux wasn’t a three-star general or a general at all. In fact, he wasn’t even in the military. Nor was he on a secret mission from Trump. He was just an auto mechanic. And it appears all of this might have been done simply to impress the woman he brought with him on the helicopter.  Desgroux is now being charged with impersonating an officer on duty which carries a maximum of 3 years in jail and a $250,000 fine (MSN).

What a crazy impersonation this turned out to be, especially if the end goal was simply to impress a girl. No matter his intent, Desgroux was trying to be something he wasn’t, and unfortunately, too many are walking in the same shoes.

No, I don’t mean people are impersonating three-star generals, but many do impersonate a true Christian.  They put on the right face. They show up at the right times. By all external measures, they look legit.  Sadly, the truth paints quite a different picture.

Such people have gotten used to practicing their righteousness in front of people in order to receive praise (Matthew 6). These are such that might be honoring God with the lips but have hearts that are far from Him (Matthew 15:8). These might be those who are focusing on the outer appearance of Christianity rather than being true on the inside (Matthew 23:25-28).

If we aren’t careful, our Christianity can be nothing more than an impersonation. Let’s be real. Let’s be genuine. Let’s be people who do right whether others see us or not.  God is looking for the real deal, true Christians. Will we be true to Him?

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