The Divorce Selfie


What do you get in a culture infatuated with themselves and a high divorce rate? Meet the divorce selfie. Soon after these couples trash the “till death do us part” of their wedding vows, they pause together for a quick selfie. Afterward several of these couples then throw a divorce celebration, you know, because destroying a lifelong commitment is some kind of an achievement apparently. It’s hard to know exactly what the purpose of this is, but it’s some kind of combination between showing the world they are fine, displaying they are back on the market for others, and grasping at attention. The divorce selfie is becoming so common that now there are articles giving tips on how to improve the picture (Fatherly).

To be blunt, this has to be one of the most ridiculous and godless things I’ve ever heard of. The idea of one man being with one woman for life is something God established at the beginning (Genesis 2:21-25; Matthew 19:4-5). God makes it extremely clear that when He joins a man and woman together in marriage, no one should separate this bond (Matthew 19:6). Not even the couple. But going against all of this with a divorce selfie? This is beyond sad.

In Jeremiah 8:12, it says, “Were they ashamed because of the abomination they had done? They certainly were not ashamed, and they did not know how to blush…” So, what does it say about our culture when people are no longer embarrassed about utterly failing in their marriage, and instead they are even calling people together to celebrate it?

Our world needs the Lord’s workers like never before. The Great Commission is becoming even greater due to the increased need and difficulty. Let’s speak the truthfully. Let’s speak boldly. Let’s speak lovingly.

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