The Root Of All Sorts Of Evil


Left: Dave & Angie Dawes   |   Right: Michael Dawes

In 2011, Dave Dawes was lucky enough to win $178 million in the EuroMillions lottery. Generously, Dave gave away around $53 million to close friends and relatives. Soon after winning he gave his son Michael $1.8 million, which was almost all spent in about a month. At one point Michael and his homosexual partner were spending $53,000 per month and $1,762 on groceries alone. Michael went back to his dad for more money and Dave gave another $800,000. After about two years, this money was also gone and so Michael went back for more; $8.8 million more. This time Dave simply paid off some outstanding debts and then cut off his son from any other funds. Feeling entitled to the money for some strange reason, Michael sued his own father for more money. Thankfully, the judge thought the entire ordeal was as preposterous as it was in reality. Michael didn’t get another dime from his father. Instead, he got to walk out of the courtroom with the debt of some severely damaged relationships (MSN).

It’s dumbfounding how blinded people can become by money. Who knows what level of selfishness drove Michael to sue his own father after already receiving $2.6 million from him. No matter the reason, it all points back to the warning from the Lord, “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (1 Timothy 6:10).

It’s seriously unlikely we will be driven to sue our own parents for money, but let’s not be deceived into thinking we are exempt from the love of money. Remember, the Scripture said the love of money is the root of “all sorts” of evil. It might display itself at work by stepping on others to make more. It might show itself by skipping out on worship to further our careers. It might come at the neglect of family. It might come at the neglect of our spiritual responsibilities. It might come at the neglect of the Lord Himself.

Do we love money? Let’s take a hard look at ourselves and decide what our drive really is. If the Lord doesn’t come in clearly at the #1 spot, maybe the love of money is in the way.

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