70-Year-Old Heroes


A young man nervously entered a convenience store in Salford, UK, a suburb of the greater Manchester area. With a black mask over his face and a knife in his hand, he demanded cigarettes and some cash from the young 19-year-old worker. Ron Smith happened to see what was happening as he was passing by outside and became determined to help even though he was 78-years-old. While he probably couldn’t win a fight with the young robber, he bravely thought, “He’s not getting out while I’m here.” As the robber tried to escape, from the outside Ron grabbed the door and pulled it closed. About a second later another man, 72-year-old Robert Anderson, was walking by and jumped in to help Ron hold the door shut. The burglar couldn’t overpower these two men so he frantically searched for a back exit. It was locked. He ran back out with his bag of cigarettes and cash, threw the bag at the young cashier saying, “Tell them to open the door. I just want to go. You can have your money back.” By the time the robber found an upper story window to climb out of, nearby construction workers and a police officer took him down and into custody. All of this was made possible by a couple of elderly gentlemen who decided to resist this thief (Click Here To Watch The Video or Read More).

These men were heroic. It’s awesome that they didn’t allow any excuses of age or physical strength to stand in the way. But what truly made them successful was the fact that they worked together. In fact, what these two men exhibited is precisely what God also encourages us to do on a spiritual level. Ron might not have been able to hold the thief off by himself, but together with Robert, the burglar was no match.

See, almost daily we are met with temptation. While it can often be a personal and private battle, if we can ever bring in someone to help, it can make an enormous difference. The wisest man on earth gave this inspired advice, “And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

We have a tremendous enemy in front of us (1 Peter 5:8), but opposing him is the key to victory (James 4:7). The easiest way to do so is to surround ourselves with people fighting side-by-side with us.

It’s important to realize that coming to worship isn’t a checklist, it’s an opportunity to surround ourselves with spiritual warriors. Coming to class isn’t just because we have to, it’s to feed and equip ourselves for the battle. Being active and involved with the church is a tremendous opportunity to build chemistry and solid bonds with those who can help us in the fight. And unlike with the physical, some of the strongest soldiers in this battle are the older Christians among us.

Let’s keep battling and surround ourselves with as many Christian warriors as we can, particularly those who are seasoned and experienced in this fight.

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