Surfing Radioactive Waves

Japanese surfer in the contaminated area after the daiichi nuclear power plant irradiation, Fukushima prefecture, Tairatoyoma beach, Japan

In 2011, Japan was slammed with a massive 9.0 earthquake, which also produced a devastating tsunami. If this wasn’t already bad enough, the tsunami also severely damaged the Daiichi nuclear plant and resulted in a level-7 catastrophe, the highest level of an accident on the Nuclear Event Scale. Over 18,000 died from this tragic event.

Today, Japan is still dealing with the cleanup and after effects. Nearly 50,000 people have been working over the past several years to make the power plant and surrounding areas safe again. However, there are some areas, like some of the bodies of water near the plant, where little can be done.

Before disaster struck Japan, these bodies of water were some of the most popular among Japanese surfers. Now both the water and the sand has the presence of radiation. Despite the potential danger, some surfers continue to ride these waves. One surfer said, “I put on sunscreen against the sun, but I haven’t found anything against radiation. We will only know the true consequences of our time in the water 20 years from now” (Aljazeera).

It seems a bit ignorant and short sighted to surf on such potentially dangerous water. However, the more we think about this, the more we might come to realize how common such risks are in our culture.

  1. What We Should Know. The surfers should know better. They should know the devastating danger that exposure to certain levels of radiation can have on the body. But with our culture, there are certain things we should know better about. Our culture should be able to use logic and scientific knowledge to come to more accurate conclusions on issues like homosexuality, transgender, abortion, alcohol, and so many others. There is no proof of a gay gene. Instead, the homosexual lifestyle systematically destroys the body. There is a great deal of proof that there is human life inside the womb. Which means abortion is nothing short of murder. If we found a complex living cell on mars it would be “life,” but in the womb, it somehow isn’t. Nothing positive seems to ever come from alcohol. It often destroys families, careers, and leads to countless bad decisions. These are just a few of the many issues our world should know better with. Yet, just like with the surfers, emotion and quick moments of pleasure win out.
  2. What We Don’t Know. With radiation, there is still a lot we don’t know. What will long-term exposure to small doses of radiation do to the body? We’re just not totally sure yet. The same is true with the sinful decisions of our culture. Who knows what our culture will be like in 20 years or 50 years. Will pedophilia be the next thing to be legalized? Where will these things stop? Will preaching against some of the above sinful lifestyles become illegal? Will Christians be put in prison for teaching God’s truth on these issues? We are in an extremely scary whirlpool called “sin tolerance” and it’s possible the only way it will stop is when our culture drowns in sin. Only the Lord knows.
  3. What We Do Know. With radiation, we know it can be lethal. While we don’t know the end result of our cultures decisions, the waves our culture is riding on will be damaging. Many other cultures have surfed these same waves. None of them ended well unless they completely and totally changed their ways. Noah’s world was destroyed by the flood (Genesis 6). Jeremiah’s culture was eventually punished and led into captivity (Jeremiah 6:15). The Romans were destroyed by their own corruption. When God has had enough of our country’s sinfulness, our fall will be no one’s fault but our own.

So what can be done? Nothing is impossible with God. If we continue to preach the truth and with love show people where the Lord stands on these issues, a lot can be changed. Let’s not give up on the power of God’s life changing, world changing word.

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