Google Contest Winner – A Forecast Of Our Future?

winning-doodle.pngGoogle has held a contest over the last couple of years where young artists have drawn a picture about what they see for the future. The winner receives a $30k scholarship, a $50k technology award for his/her school, and has the picture proudly displayed on Google’s homepage. The picture above is the winning picture for this year, created by a young lady in Connecticut (Google).

Let’s take a closer examination at what we have in this picture from left to right. We have a handicapped young boy, perhaps with no use of his legs. Then we see a homosexual, whose gender is not complete clear. Next is a young lady wearing a habib head covering and wearing a symbol from typically Islamic countries. To the right of her is a Jewish girl. Then we have a transgender, possibly of Middle Eastern descent, whose gender again is difficult to determine. Next, we see a Christian girl. Continuing to the right is a young black man whose symbol I’m not familiar with (perhaps supporting “all equality” or “science/evolution”). Finally, we have an older man with a cane, who might be a teacher.

Intentional or not, here are some of the concerning points this drawing communicates. 1) We need to be accepting of the LGBTQ people. Two of the six letters in the word “Google” are given to this category. 2) We need to be accepting of all religious choices, no matter how different or contradictory. 3) Men are weak unless they are tolerant. The only clear man in the word “Google” is the young black man. The other two, who are wearing the G’s on their chests, are gay and transgender and may or may not be male. However, even if we attribute them both as male, they are seen here as strong since they are “tolerant.” The only other two clearly male figures in the picture are on the ends and are both handicapped to some degree. This could be pushing some of the extreme feminist agenda.

There is no doubt this artist is talented. There is no doubt she is hoping for a future of peace and acceptance. There is no doubt we need to be people who stand for kindness with those of every color and nationality. There is no doubt we need to show love for people of all kinds. There is no doubt we need to be there for those with handicaps and disabilities. Sadly, if this young artist is correct, then one vital thing will be missing in the future — God.

This might seem shocking since several religious symbols are clearly displayed on the children’s shirts in a “Coexist” symbol-like fashion. However, how can God truly be in the picture if people are standing side-by-side in obvious acceptance, tolerance, and fellowship with people living in sin? Now hear me clearly. I am not all, even a little bit, saying we should ever be ugly, mean, bigoted, nasty, or should speak harshly or be a bully in any way to people. It’s undeniably clearly that God wants us to be loving and to do good to all people (Mark 12:31; Galatians 6:10). However, the Lord also wants us to speak the truth about the sins people are engaging in, as long our word and actions are ingrained and intertwined with love (Ephesians 4:15).

This means in a loving way, telling others that God will not allow those in the LGBTQ community who practice such sins to go to heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Timothy 1:8-10). And that God has given people what is needed to turn from such a lifestyle (1 Corinthians 6:11; 1 Corinthians 10:13).

This means with overwhelming love, showing other religious people that God will only allow those who practice His will, the Bible, to go to heaven (Matthew 7:21-23). Sadly, very few are on this path (Matthew 7:13-14).

This means speaking out against those who are practicing sin, both within and without. It won’t be popular. It won’t be easy. But it is necessary and it’s right as long as it’s done with true love and concern for the person.

As sad as it is, I think this young artist is right about the future of our country. In reality, this isn’t too far from our present. No matter, we must continue to stand up for the Lord and for truth.

2 thoughts on “Google Contest Winner – A Forecast Of Our Future?

    • Thanks for commenting Bonsai. I wholeheartedly agree that man-made religion is not where truth lies. Which is exactly why we need to rely on the Bible alone for our source of truth. If we examine the Bible carefully, it shows itself to be divine and not man-made. So, I’m not sure what part you thought was misleading.

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