From Thriving To Desolate


Rio’s Olympic Aquatic Center

Less than a year ago, Rio was a thriving ground of athletic prowess. Now it’s abandoned, unprotected, looted, and in horrible disrepair. The soccer field and golf course are turning brown with chunks missing. Seats in the stands have been stolen, ripped out, or destroyed. Swimming pools and fountains contain putrid orange water from a combination of rust, bugs, and who knows what else. TV’s have been stolen. Custom made decorative panels are ripped, torn down, and missing. The facilities overall resemble that of a ghost town, the polar opposite of what it was a few months ago. It cost Rio billions of dollars to build these structures, decorations, and to run the games. Now, it’s a forsaken trash heap. How sad it is that something that was once so vibrant is now empty, and will probably continue in this way (See More Pictures Here).

Rio isn’t the only place that was once busy and thriving but is now empty and desolate. In fact, one particular place should be active much more than it is, but is often limited. The place I’m referring to is none other than the place of worship. No, we aren’t talking about the church building, but the temple known as our hearts (1 Corinthians 6:19).

See, it could be that one of the only days the temple of our heart is busy and active for the Lord is on Sunday. But once Monday rolls around, is this same temple completely abandoned? Is the Lord worshiped anymore that week? Do we continue in service to the Lord the rest of the week? Do we give the Lord anything more than a passing glance once Monday rolls around?

It’s great that we worship on Sunday’s, but let’s not let the temple of our hearts become a Rio look-a-like on Monday. Christ gave up His life. He deserves more than just a day or two from us (Luke 10:27).

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