Here’s My Vote


I don’t know where your vote is going in this election, but I wanted to let you know where my vote is going. I hope you will stand with me.

I vote to follow the Almighty King over the next president, no matter who is chosen (1 Timothy 6:15).

I vote to have faith in the one true Judge (James 4:12), no matter what justices come into power.

I vote to place the leadership of my elders (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13; Hebrews 13:17) over the any elected governors, senators, and representatives on eternal matters.

I vote to give my loyalty to the Lord’s church over the nation (Acts 5:29), no matter where the nation is heading.

I vote to have confidence in God direction for our nation over any person, no matter where the Lord leads (Romans 13:1-5).

I vote to trust that God’s ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9), even when I don’t understand his plan for us.

I vote to have more pride in being a part of God’s “holy nation” (1 Peter 2:9) than being a part of this earthly nation.

I vote to trust in the Lord for my family’s needs (Matthew 6:25-34), not for an elected leader to fix our economy.

I vote to put forth greater effort into bringing people into God’s perfect nation (Matthew 28:18-20)

I vote to love my neighbor (Mark 12:31), no matter where we may be divided on political issues.

I vote to value people in all colors, forms, shapes, sizes, and imperfections because God does (Romans 2:11; Galatians 3:26-28).

I vote to be in subjection to the government except where it conflicts with God’s laws (Romans 13:1-7).

Where is your vote? Will you vote with me?

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