Oh Lord, You are so powerful and good.

You love us more than any other could.


Who are we that One as great as You,

Should seek to bring His mighty love to?


Your care for us You portray,

Through the doors of opportunity we have everyday.


Places we can go.

Gospel seeds we can sew.


Souls we can reach.

People we can teach.


Love we can share and repay.

Encouragement we can say.


Letters we can write.

Christians we can unite.


Generosity we can pursue.

Works we can do.


Help us to stand ready and willing.

Your commands fulfilling.

Your love instilling.

The sins of this world distilling.


Oh that we would but have open eyes,

To help others reach that sweet, sweet prize.


Yes Lord, give us the eyes to see

Your loving open doors of opportunity.

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