Peace, Perfect Peace


I gaze out at the soft and stillness before me.

A pure white blanket stretches as far as I can see.

I am comforted by the crackling of the fire,

And the melodic tunes of Mozart delight my ears.

New snowflakes come to rest upon the others,

Each unique on their own and breathtaking together.

The soft glow of the fire warms my face,

Melting away any cares or worries that dare to arise.

It’s nearly impossible not to be at peace

When such calmness soothes all senses.

At yet even with all this serene beauty,

It cannot begin to approach the comfort of God.

If the Lord can give us an earthly place so tantalizing,

Oh how much greater the heavenly prize will be.

The tranquility will be second to none,

With the eternal bliss exceeding everything before it.

Heaven will be the ultimate delight to the eyes.

The harmony of saints and angels will tickle the ears.

The Lord’s presence will bring the deepest warmth,

Which reaches our inner depths and comforts every fiber.

There are plenty joys on this earth,

But their life is a vapor and quickly wisp away.

Let us long for the eternal elation of heaven,

Only then we come to know peace, perfect peace.

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