The Fittest States In The Nation


It’s always interesting to see where our states rank when it comes to being either fit or obese. The newest report came out about our nation’s fitness, and here are some of the results (Yahoo).

Most Obese States:

  1. Arkansas (35.9% obese).
  2. West Virginia (35.7% obese).
  3. Mississippi (35.5% obese).
  4. Louisiana (34.9% obese).
  5. Alabama (33.5% obese).

Fittest States:

  1. Colorado (21.3% obese).
  2. District of Columbia (21.7% obese).
  3. Hawaii (22.1% obese).
  4. Massachusetts (23.3% obese).
  5. California (24.7% obese).

Having grown up in Colorado, I’ve typically felt a sense of pride living in a place where people tend to take care of themselves. Recently, I’ve come to realize that having this mindset overlooks the fact that our nation as a whole is ranked as the 11th most obese in the world (The Richest). Even though Colorado is considered the “healthiest,” as a whole, the U.S. is unhealthy on many levels.

The U.S. recently legalized gay marriage. Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana a few years ago. Many are celebrating their abortions in the twisted name of women’s rights and even tagging it with “#ShoutYourAbortion.” Not to mention as a whole our nation is removing God from everything they can, pushing evolution in schools as fact, and on top of all of this, we are one of the most obese nations in the world.

Our nation is more than just unhealthy, it is sick. It continues to push God out of the house while inviting sin to the spare bedroom. The source of the problem is pretty clear since it is the same as those back in the time of the Judges, “In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes” (17:6; 21:25). As Solomon points out, doing this is foolishness (Proverbs 12:15).

We desperately need healthy people. Not just physically healthy, but spiritually healthy, morally healthy, and ethically healthy. We need those who “abhor what is evil and cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9). We need people who love spiritual light and hate spiritually darkness (John 3:19-21). We need dedicated followers of God (Luke 9:23). As Christians, let’s make sure we stay spiritually healthy, and do what we can to promote true health, eternal health. (Matthew 28:20).

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