God’s Power


It is something we cannot truly fathom,

Creating all people, beginning with Adam (Genesis 2).

He shaped and formed the world with His power,

Everything from huge galaxies to a little flower (Genesis 1).

He made nature so we could stand in awe.

Truly His strength is without flaw (Jeremiah 32:27; Romans 1:20).

No one can dare to challenge His might.

Not even Satan will win the fight (Revelation 20:10).

Yet His power is often intertwined with love,

Especially the sending of His Son from above (John 3:16).

God’s power can save us from our sin,

If we would but give our lives over to Him (Luke 9:23-24).

So let us fear God and keep His laws (Ecclesiastes 12:13),

And His power will deliver us from hell’s jaws (Revelation 20:15).

Therefore, let us fear God and turn away from evil (Proverbs 3:7),

And by God’s power we will experience our soul’s retrieval (Colossians 1:13-14).

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