The Great Flood…In My Basement

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 8.44.04 AM

We had just sat down for a nice family dinner when it began to rain. It was steady, but not too heavy at first. Then it started to pour down faster. I went down into the basement to find my window well half full of water, and little streams trickling through the seems of the window.

I’ve had this problem before, so I already had towels and trashcans there to help catch the water. I even had a channeling system to funnel the water down a towel and into trashcans. My system was catching most of the water, but some was still pouring onto my unfinished basement floor. Everything was manageable, until the sky opened up and dumped. The window well filled up past half full, then three quarters full. The increased pressure made more water come pouring in. At this point both the 13-gallon and 50-gallon trashcans I had to catch the water were overflowing. It was coming in so fast that I decided to go ahead and get some of our possessions to a higher position so they wouldn’t get ruined. A minute later, the window well was now completely full of water, and then I heard a huge crash. The window shattered from the pressure of the water.

Gallons and gallons came rushing into my basement. I stood there for a minute in stunned silence. There seemed to be very little I could do to help the situation. I just couldn’t get rid of the water fast enough. When I came to my senses, I figured something was better than nothing, so I started hauling the 13-gallon trashcans upstairs, but it hardly made a dent in the water.

Thankfully, my incredible wife came to the rescue. She had already been calling for backup. About 10 minutes later, the reinforcements arrived: my dad and brother. They brought trashcans and fresh solutions to the problem. At this point the rain had also lessened. With my dad dealing with the remaining water coming in, my brother and I assessed the landscape and the gutters (both of which are supposed to be managed by my HOA). The gutters were clogged and full of water. So we pulled the gunk out and the water went draining down. After a while, we had most of the standing water down the drain in the basement, and it seems very little was damaged.

I am extremely grateful to my family. Who knows how much more water would have come in had they not been there to help. This is what family is all about. Whether it’s our physical or our church family, a good family is priceless. A good family looks out for other’s interests (Philippians 2:4). They bear each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). They open their hearts and love each other (1 John 3:17; John 15:12). They laugh and weep with each other when the time is right (Romans 12:15).

Had my wife called anyone in the church family, I know they too would have dropped everything and rushed to help since I’ve seen them do this on several occasions. God knew what He was doing when He established both of these families. It’s such a huge blessing to be surround by such a loving family, both physically and spiritually. It’s wonderful to see people living Romans 12:10-11: “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.” Let’s keep living this way.

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