Jumping Into The Crocodile Pond

Recently, a woman from Thailand jumped into a pond with hundreds of hungry crocodiles. There is no telling what this lady expected or what she was thinking. Sadly, though unsurprisingly, the crocodiles killed the woman. Some have speculated that this was suicide, but her intentions remain unclear (BangkokPost.com).

Sometimes people make the most mindless decisions. For the woman, there may have been some mental disabilities at play. Sadly, many sane people make decisions that are just as crazy and just as dangerous. We forget the enormous and eternal consequences of our decisions. We dive right in to the “crocodile pond” of sin thinking we will come out unscathed.

Some have claimed that it is acceptable to attend movies, events, and other activities where bad language, immodesty, lust, drinking, and other worthless actions take place. The argument states that since we will come across similar things everywhere (the mall, Wal-Mart, grocery stores) and can’t fully avoid it, then we might as well go to these events and use them to reach out to people.

It seems we have confused “encountering crocodiles” with “jumping in with the crocodiles.” What should we do if we ever randomly encounter a crocodile? Try to escape with our lives! However, just because we might encounter a crocodile, doesn’t mean we should jump in with them.

Consider the words of Psalm 101:3, “I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; It shall not fasten its grip on me.” By inspiration of God, the Psalmist didn’t say he wouldn’t encounter anything wicked, he said he would “set no worthless thing before his eyes.” Just because we may come across wicked things doesn’t mean it is suddenly acceptable to sit and observe them. We will encounter sinful things in random places, but let’s never choose to place ourselves in any situation where we know sin will be taking place.

Sin entangles us (Hebrews 12:1). Sin stains us (Jeremiah 2:22). If we let it, sin will spiritually destroy us (Romans 3:23; 6:23). Like crocodiles, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to jump in with sin and come out unharmed.

Without a doubt, we all want to get to heaven. Let’s make it easier on ourselves. Let’s flee from the random sins we encounter (Genesis 39:6-13), and resolve to never purposefully put any sin before our eyes (Psalm 101:3).

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