The Church’s Future


Over and over again we hear disheartening statistics about our youth. We are told they are falling like flies. We hear about questionable parenting, ineffective youth programs, and the pressures of society as the causes of the teens’ unbelief after high school. It seems like we are often fed a bunch of negativity and pessimism.

However, it’s weeks like this week that should show us many of our teens still have a genuine love for God. Throughout the week I watched thirty-six young men focus, contemplate, and diligently prepare their sermons. Today, I had the honor and privilege to listen to these thirty-six young men pour out their hearts in their sermons. After hearing one awesome sermon after another, I walked away with my cup overflowing.

Psalm 119:9 says, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word.” In all of my years involved with Future Preachers Training Camp, I can’t ever remember a time when literally every single young man not only delivered Bible based and heartfelt sermons, but are also trying so diligently to walk in accordance with God’s word. They preach it and live it.

With young men like these, the future of the church is looking very good. We may have some who are drifting away, but we also have many who strive daily to be close with the Lord. Let’s keep working on wanderers, but also keep teaching and encouraging the one’s who are striving so hard to live right.

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