My Little Girl

Many a time my family has walked around the streets,

Never really knowing what kind of people we will meet.

We’ve seen people who are busy, sad, and anxious about life,

Even Christians who are filled with worries and strife.

But still, my little girl will jump, and bounce, and sing, and play,

Take my word for it, this is how she is every day.

She walks around with her face aglow,

Being peaceful and happy, not afraid to let it show.

My little girl will talk, smile, and laugh with a stranger,

Clearly not aware of what we view as danger.

These people will light up at her cute little face,

Briefly forgetting their troubles in this place.

How could her attitude be so cheerful?

It’s because she has no real reason to be tearful.

My little girl has not yet learned to play life’s stressful game,

Getting caught up in things that cause us lose our aim.

There are some Scriptures we often repeat

“Unless you become like Children, the Lord you shall not meet.”

“To be great, you must become like a child.”

These are requirements not to be taken so mild.

Learning to be like a child is a great thing to do,

Even when everything in this life looks so blue.

People want to go to heaven, this we know,

To do this we need to let our inner child grow.

Let’s seek to be cheerful and happy, innocent and pure,

Then the troubles of life we will be able to endure.

Let’s be more like children when the winds of life swirl.

What a great lesson to learn from my sweet little girl.

Scripture – Matthew 18:1-4

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