Blizzard Warning

For a few days now, everyone in Denver has been anticipating the huge snowstorm heading our way.  Blizzard warnings have been put out across the area.  Supermarkets have been packed with people stocking up on last minute groceries.  Schools and businesses have shut down.  Everyone has been bracing for the storm.  With nine inches of snow outside and the snowfall just getting started, it’s safe to say the storm has arrived.

It’s interesting how much effort people are taking to prepare for the snowstorm.  People always want to make sure they aren’t caught off guard and find themselves in a troubling situation.  It seems sad, however, that so much effort to put towards preparation for a snowstorm, but very little is put towards preparation for the next life.

Matthew 25 is all about preparation for the judgment day.  The chapter starts with a couple of examples of proper and improper preparation.  In one example, some of the virgins brought enough oil when waiting for the Lord, but others didn’t (1-13).  In another example, some servants of the Master used their talents properly, but one didn’t (14-30).  Then verses 31-46 talk about the judgment day itself.  It talks about how there will be only two groups, those who are saved and those who are lost.

There were plenty of warnings about this snowstorm.  Chances are, most people were prepared.  There are even more warnings about the judgment day in Scripture, but only the Lord knows how many will be found prepared.  The good news is, we can all be prepared.  Let’s all make sure we are not caught off guard and unprepared for that day.

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