Shooting At The White House

At least two rounds were fired at the upper level windows of the White House yesterday.  Apparently the bullets were fired on the windows of President Obama’s family living quarters. Luckily, Obama and his family were not in the house at the time.  The culprit of this shooting was caught in Virginia the following day.

When you heard this report, what was your reaction?  Some of you are probably glad that Obama was not shot.  Some are probably glad that the family was not hurt.  But some of you may be wishing that Obama had been hit by those bullets.

Before I go any further, let me make something very clear.  I am not a fan of Obama.  I didn’t vote for him and I haven’t agreed with hardly anything he has done in office since then. However, this shooter seems to characterize the growing dislike and anger towards President Obama in our culture.  It seems like people are speaking very negatively against Obama these days, Christians and non-Christians alike.  Therefore, this seems to be as good a time as any to be reminded of what Scripture says about this:

(1) God Appoints All Our Leaders.  Yep, even the ones we don’t like.  Yep, even the ones who end up doing despicable things (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc).  This doesn’t mean God made them do all of the wicked and terrible things they did, because He didn’t (James 1:13-15).  However, Romans 1:1-2 makes it clear that God establishes all authorities we have in this world and it is our role to be subject to them.

(2) We Shouldn’t Speak Negatively Against Our Leaders (Exodus 22:28; Ecclesiastes 10:2).  In Acts 23, this is exactly what Paul did.  He spoke against a leader and was immediately hit in the face and asked why he was reviling God’s high priest.  Paul instantly repented of this and said, “I was not aware, brethren, that he was high priest; for it is written, ‘You shall not speak evil of a ruler of your people’” (vs. 5).  Even though Paul was going through some terrible trials and dealing with evil people, he realized he crossed the line when he spoke bad of the high priest.  No matter how much we may dislike our President, we need to be careful with how we speak about him.

More Christians seem to be speaking evil against our President.  Like Paul, we need to realize that we are stepping out of line when we say and do such things (Acts 23:5).  Back in the Old Testament, king Saul had become unbelievable evil.  He was chasing David all over the wilderness and trying to kill him.  Finally when king Saul fell in battle, a young man came up to David and said that he killed Saul by Saul’s request (obviously expecting praise and a reward from David).  David put the man to death for killing God’s anointed king even though Saul had been a huge thorn in David’s side for many years (2 Samuel 1:1-16).  David realized that God appoints kings and leaders for a reason and he was not going to be a person who spoke against, or tried to dethrone, a leader that God put into power.

Some of the things people are saying against Obama are just not right.  They are rude, bitter, angry, nasty, and hateful comments towards him.  Let’s make one thing clear though, if Obama is violating Scripture, then let’s teach people kindly and refute his words and actions with Scripture!  If it is about something else, then we need to be more careful than ever not to speak evil of our leader.  Here is a better choice, let’s chose to follow 1 Timothy 2:1-2 and pray for our leaders instead.

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