Bats (Part 2)

Bats are awesome.  Period.  Last time we talked about how needed they are when it comes to controlling the insect population and spreading plant seeds.  We also talked about the complexity of the bat’s feet and how they are perfectly designed to hang upside down for extremely long periods of time.  The bat’s unique abilities don’t stop there though.  Let’s look at two other characteristics that prove God is the designer of this world.

The Bat’s Wings.  Bats are often identified by their wings.  Obviously their wings are not covered with feathers and fur like most flying animals.  The bats wing is essentially an arm with very long fingers and skin that spreads in-between them in the shape of a wing.  Unlike most mammals, the bat’s finger bones are very flexible and flattened out to make a perfect frame for the wing.  The skin on the wings, called a membrane, is very stretchy and will grow back quickly if torn.  Because of the design of the wing, a bat can move much quicker and more accurately than birds.  Some bats can even fly at 60 mph.

Most amazing of all, the surface of their wings are covered with little bumps and a tiny hair at the center of each bump.  These bumps and hairs are about as sensitive as our fingertips.  It will use these sensitive hairs to gather detailed information about their surroundings.  For example, it will collect information about the air and wind and will change its wing’s shape and angle in order to fly more efficiently for the air conditions.  Not only does it use its wings for flight, but also to keep warm.  When a bat comes back to rest, it will fold its arms in such a way to trap an air pocket around its body.  Its body heat will warm up this air and act like insulation on cold nights.

The Bat’s Reproduction.  Just like most animals, bats will breed during certain seasons.  Unlike other animals though, female bats can control when it has its young.  Some species can store sperm for a later time or even delay the implanting of a fertilized egg until there is plenty of fruit and insects to feed on.  So, if mating occurred in the fall, the female bat can delay the process until the next spring when there is more food and it is easier to raise its young.  It will also have one young at a time so it is easier to raise.

Every part of the bat is remarkably complex.  Every part of it works together perfectly to form a well-designed animal.  Only God is capable of such design.  Genesis 1:21 states, “God created…every winged bird after its kind; and God saw that it was good.”  All of God creations are good, and the bat is definitely one of them.

In the next article we will look into the most amazing ability the bat has, echolocation (seeing with sound).  If you thought the previous abilities were interesting, just wait for echolocation.

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