Pentagon Security Breach

I don’t think I need to tell you that this world is flawed.  When we begin looking around, we’ll notice almost everything is imperfect.  Certainly one area that is far from perfect is our government.  Not only is there plenty of internal corruption, but our government has many other weaknesses.  Yesterday, the Pentagon revealed that it suffered one of the largest cyber-attacks last March.  They aren’t sure who was responsible but they believe it was a foreign government.  This one security breach resulted in the loss of 24,000 files containing sensitive Pentagon data.  This brings about many uneasy feelings.  Not only does this make us feel unsafe, but it also brings up a lot of questions about who did the attacking and if this will result in a terrorist attack or even war in the future.

We could literally drive ourselves crazy thinking about all of these unknowns.  All of this just confirms the truth that this world and country is flawed.  This would be unbearably sad and troubling if that was all we had to hold on to in this life.  Thankfully, we know that there is a place that is nothing like this faulty world we live in.  God, who is the “government” there, is holy, blameless, and perfect in every way (1 Peter 1:16; 2 Samuel 22:31; Hebrews 6:18; etc).  Everything there is flawless and divine.  There is no death, sadness, crying, pain, night, etc (Revelation 21:4; 2:5).  Maybe best of all, there won’t be any security breaches or stolen information.  We will not have to worry about war, terrorists, or any other enemy because God has already won and will eliminate all threats (Revelation 20:7-10).  Obviously, the place I’m talking about Heaven.

As we have been saying, everything in this world is flawed, that is just the way it is.  It will be awesome to be in Heaven one day without any of the daily worries and struggles we have here.  Surely everyone would want to be a part of a perfect place like this.  We can be if we follow God’s instructions and don’t allow security breaches from sins.  Let’s just make sure we live our lives with the goal of Heaven in mind.

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