Would You Pass a Driver’s Test?

Question: The light just turned yellow, what should you do?  According to a recent study done by GMAC Insurance, 85% answered this question incorrectly.  This study also found out that 18% of American drivers would fail a written driving test today.  Now, you may be thinking, “18% isn’t that much.”  Consider this, 18% accounts for 36.9 million drivers on the roads today.  This means 36.9 million people couldn’t fulfill the basic requirements to earn a driver’s license (get a 70% or higher on the test).  They also found out that the worst drivers, at least according to the written test, were teenagers, drivers in the northeast, and women (sorry ladies). Click Here For Survey.

To be honest, all of these statistics are frightening.  They will certainly make me much more cautious of people on the road.  I was always told growing up, “watch out for the other driver.”  Well, if millions of people don’t know the traffic laws, then we need to watch out more than ever.

This survey got me thinking.  What if God gave us a test on Bible knowledge?  How would you do?  One survey found out that only 63% knew the first book of the Bible (Pewforum.org).  How sad.  God gave us the Bible so we can know what we need to do to go to heaven.  Why do we let it sit and collect dust?  There is no telling how many people are deceived by false teachings every day.  They only way to know the truth is to study the truth (Hosea 4:6; John 8:31-32; 2 Timothy 2:15).

Whether we are talking about driving or Bible knowledge, we can take one of two roads.  (1) We can do nothing, never get better, and remain as we are, or (2) we can improve, make changes, and learn the rules.  It is difficult to do what is right if we don’t know what is right.  We must know the traffic laws so we don’t cause accidents and get tickets.  We must know the Bible so we can get to heaven and combat false teachings (1 John 4:1).  No matter what subject we are talking about, I hope we never get stale in our learning.  Especially in our Christian walk, let’s not get stale (Proverbs 1:7).  Let’s continue to learn God’s laws and read His book.  The “Final Test” on judgment day will be a difficult one (John 12:48; Matthew 7:21-23).  Are you ready?

P.S. The answer to the first question is: Stop if it is safe.

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