The 4-Finger Pianist

What would you do if you were born with a total of four fingers?  For 25-year-old Hee Ah Lee, she became a concert Pianist.  Lee was born with some severe physical deformities.  She was born with two fingers on each hand and only half of her legs.  Despite her small stature and physical challenges, she has done amazing things with the talents she was blessed with.  Please watch this video.

Hee Ah Lee has unbelievable talent on the piano, even with the roadblocks she has had in her life.  As we think about what this amazing young lady has achieved in her life, hopefully it makes us think about our talent and potential.  Too often we focus on what we can’t do, and not what we can do.  We tend to look at other people and wish we could be them, not ourselves.  God has blessed each and every one of us with talents and abilities.  Sometimes we let these skills sit and collect dust, never using them in the way God had intended.  Sometimes we let discouragement prevent us from becoming great.

Surly Hee Ah Lee has had moments of severe discouragement and depression in her life, but clearly this has not dampened her spirit or her drive to be something exceptional.  And exceptional she has become.  She kept working on what she could do, and became quite good at it.

What skills has God blessed you with?  Whatever it may be, let’s be sure to use them to His glory.  Like Lee, let’s never get discouraged by the difficulties we may face, but keep on honing our talents.  God has always been able to take something small and insignificant and make it extraordinary.  Hee Ah Lee might be considered small and insignificant in some people’s eyes, but clearly she took what God gave her, and has become extraordinary.  So, we will leave with this question: What can God do with you and your skills?

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