The True Heart of Christians

As several of you are aware, Julie and I have had a rough few months.  We have endured sicknesses, hospitalizations, death in the family, and now emergency surgery.  Clearly there has been a lot on our plates lately.  The expression, “When it rains, it pours,” has never been so true.  But despite all of the “raining” in our lives, it has been awesome to see how many “umbrellas” have appeared to help and shelter us.

Unfortunately, people can display negative characteristics.  We can be selfish, conceited, jealous, mean, ugly, hurtful, negative, sinful etc.  Some would say that this is the true heart of people, but I would argue otherwise.  Over the past several months of hardship in my family, we have been exposed to the true heart of Christian people.  It has not been selfish, ugly, or any of those qualities.  We have clearly seen that the true heart of Christian people is kind, selfless, compassionate, understanding, and above all, loving.

We have had so many visitors come to the hospital and our house that I lost count a while ago.  Last time I checked, we have more bouquets of flowers than we have vases to put them in.  We have had several yummy meals brought to us and a few more on the way.  Beyond all of this, we have had an astounding amount of phone calls, text messages, and encouragement flood our way.  Many tears have been shed on our behalf, and many hugs have been given.

Surly this is exactly the way God wants His church to function.  When people are dealing with troubling times, there is nothing more uplifting than, literally, hundreds of brothers and sisters in Christ running to help.  Despite all of the shortcomings people may have, this is what the true heart of the Christian is all about.  Christians are about loving, helping, and encouraging one another.

My wife and I honestly cannot express what a tremendous help and encouragement everyone has been.  Thank you.  Now, let’s keep up this loving attitude.  Let’s turn it towards others who are in need as well.  I can attest from my experience what a physical, emotional, and spiritual boost it is to receive such love.  Until Christ comes again, let’s continue to freely give this same love and support.

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