Hobby Evangelists: Talking About Your Likes


As I was searching for music by my favorite band on iTunes a while back, I began to look at the comments by other fans. Out of all of the comments, one really stood out to me – “I try to tell someone new about this band every single day.” My first thought was “well, I’m not that zealous, but I can relate. I also try to tell people about that band any time I talk music.”

Then I thought of something else – all of these nameless people on iTunes are better evangelists for a band than most Christians are for the church. Consider all of the “evangelists” that we have around us in society: we have music evangelists (such as the guy I mentioned above), we have technological evangelists (Mac addicts come to mind), we have political evangelists, we have sports evangelists, and we have television show evangelists (proponents of the Office and Lost have been everywhere the last few years), just to name a few. Why is it that it’s so easy for people to “evangelize” about their favorite band or sports team but it’s so hard to spread the good news about God’s Word?

We are excited and enthusiastic about our favorite TV shows or sports teams, and that’s why we end up talking about them. It’s our job to be excited about our Christianity, and it’s our job to tell everyone about it. We need to be like the aforementioned music fan who makes it his goal to “convert” someone new every day. We need to be like Jeremiah in Jeremiah 20:9, where the Word was “fire in his bones” and he couldn’t help himself – he had to let it out. Finally, we need to be like the apostles in Acts 4:19-20. They were told not to speak of Christ anymore, but they said they had to speak on what they had seen and heard. We must have the same mindset of being so excited by what God has done in our lives that we have to speak about Him at all costs.

So what do we do to gain more enthusiasm for God’s Word?
1) Study it. Don’t just read it, really take time to dig into consistent study.
2) Share it. Talk about the things you learn in your studies with anyone – Christian or not.
3) Pray for God to build an excitement for His Word in our lives.

God has blessed us with so much. When we take the time to realize what He does in our lives, we can’t help but be enthusiastic about spreading His Word to those around us.

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