A New Year’s Poem

For all of those of you who are making New Year’s resolutions, here is a poem to think about.  It is called “A New Year’s Poem for Christians” by Mary Fairchild.

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution

Consider committing to a biblical solution.

Your promises are easily broken

Empty words, though earnestly spoken,

But God’s Word transforms the soul

By His Holy Spirit making you whole.

As you spend time alone with Him

He will change you from within.

Every year people make resolutions that focus on the physical.  At first glance, this poem seems to suggest that we do not making any New Year’s resolutions.  However, maybe the greater message behind this poem is to focus more time and energy on the Lord.  We can make resolutions to change ourselves, but the greatest changes will actually occur when we let God’s Word change us from the inside out.

This year, let’s focus more of our resolutions toward aspects of eternal importance.  Are their sins in your life that need to be overcome?  Are their religious aspects of your life that desperately need to be improved (Bible study, prayer, worship, etc)?  Resolutions are great, but the challenge this year is to focus your resolutions toward something that will not only improve life today, but most certainly will improve life into eternity.

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