Recreating the Big Bang

For several years now, elite scientists have been attempting to create a miniature version of the “Big Bang.”  They have had nearly unlimited resources at their disposal.  The machine they built cost over ten billion dollars.  Essentially what this machine does is smash atoms together at very high speeds, with hopes of learning more about the Big Bang.

After several failed attempts, the scientists finally had a “successful” test.  They reached temperatures about a million times hotter than the sun, some of the highest temperatures every recorded.  Since particles were being smashed together at ridiculous speeds, it also produces some very dense material.   David Evans, one of their researchers, said this, “At these temperatures even protons and neutrons, which make up the nuclei of atoms, melt, resulting in a hot dense soup of quarks and gluons known as a quark-gluon plasma.”

In other words, by creating intense heat, and smashing things together, they were able to make a hot ball of mass they are calling “quark-gluon plasma.”  However, here are some interesting observations:  First, the entire goal of this machine is to “recreate the Big Bang.”  However, all that we really see being done is particles being smashed together.  Second, there was no matter created on any level.  They took particles, super heated them, and smashed them together.  If we did this with virtually anything on this earth, certainly we would get a hot, dense, ball of matter.  Also, where did they get these particles in the first place?  They certainly did not create it.  How do they explain even the creation of those particles?  In the end, all they did was take some particles and mold them into something different.  Think of this as producing the billion-dollar version of silly-puddy.  Third, they are spending billions of dollars to do this.  With so much poverty in this world and people out of jobs, money is going towards something like this?  Sad, but this is the world we live in.

It is almost humorous to watch people try to “play god.”  No one has ever created something from nothing.  The entire premise behind this experiment is flawed since there was no Big Bang to start with.  We all know Genesis one tells of the creation of the universe.  God created this world.  To this day, no one has come even close to disproving this conclusion, despite what news reports say.  True science always agrees with the Bible and with God.  We cannot even come close to creating something on this earth.  Our God is truly powerful and awesome!

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