Flight – Evolved or Created?

When I was a kid, I often thought about how awesome it would be to fly.  Certainly many others have dreamed of this exact phenomenon in one way or another.  The problem is, flight is remarkably complex.  For thousands of years people have tried to break free from the hold of gravity and soar through the air.  However, they have struggled with design, weight, aerodynamics, and a host of other difficulties.  God has never been limited by such “problems.”  He has always known the correct design and solutions.  This is what makes the seed of the Alsomitra Vine so incredible.

The Alsomitra Vine grows from the forest floor and up the surrounding trees to the highest point it can reach.  Once it is high above the forest floor, it begins developing a football-sized pod.   In this pod there are around four hundred seeds.  The problem is, if all of these seeds just feel to the forest floor, all of these vines would have to complete for soil nutrients and sunlight.  So, it is vital for this vine to send these seeds off as far as possible.  The way this issue is overcome is by flight.  Each seed is encased in a clear, lightweight, perfectly designed glider (See the picture above).  Once the vine’s seedpod is opened, these seeds are able to travel hundreds of feet, or more, depending on the wind.

In the early 1900s, inventers such as Igo Etrich and the Horton brothers used this seed to help create gliders and aircrafts.  About 20 years ago, two Japanese engineers studied this seed and realized its design was absolutely incredible.  In fact, this seeds shape has led to the design of some of our modern day “flying wing” aircrafts like the stealth bomber.  Ok, wait a minute, people have struggled with flight for thousands of years, and yet there has been a seed that has conquered all of these issues this entire time?  Yep.

There are so many problems this seed creates for evolution.  How did the vine know it needed to get its seeds away?  How did it know to use flight to get the seeds away?  How did it know what material to use for the wings?  How did it develop the perfect flight design, weight, material, etc?  How did it know it needed to get high in order to use the wind for flight?  Every time this plant would have attempted to achieve some of these feats, it would have ended in disaster.  Either the Alsomitra Vine is a genius, or the all-knowing, all-powerful being in this universe just simply designed it this way.

So, did flight evolve over millions of years, or was it created by God?  There is simply no factual evidence that anything has evolved to achieve flight.  There is no proof of it in plant life, and beyond this, there are not even any “transitional fossils” of birds.  All of the facts say that flight was created, not evolved.

Psalm 104:24 says, “O LORD, how many are Your works!  In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions.”  God is unfathomably wise.  It was in this wisdom that he made the Alsomitra Vine.  Clearly flight was something God created.  It has taken people thousands of years to figure out how to fly.  Yet all of these flight “problems” were conquered when God made plants on the third day of creation (Genesis 1:11-13).  The Alsomitra Vine’s seed is yet one more unsolvable problem for evolution.  The earth is truly “full of his possessions,” and this seed is just another proof of that fact.

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